Foreign Affairs


    The Department of External Relations basically has the task of establishing communication and collaboration with various external parties such as alumni, students, and stakeholders so that they are able to support the work program of HIMAGE-ITS and play a role in providing a positive image of HIMAGE-ITS and the ITS Geomatics Engineering Department.


    Become a bridge between HIMAGE-ITS and alumni and other organizations and build enthusiasm for learning to internationalize.


    1. Establishing harmonious and harmonious relationships with relevant stakeholders such as alumni and religious organizations
    2. Become a representative of HIMAGE-ITS in all matters of external relations with the aim of branding HIMAGE-ITS with every student, alumni, college, industry, and community institution
    3. Conducting activities and teaching in English
    4. Building relationships between HIMAGE-ITS and institutions such as government agencies or companies


    Hello Alumni

    Organizing activities by presenting alumni of Geodesy and / or Geomatics Engineering ITS in the field of geomatics and outside geomatics in the world of work.

    Speak Out

    Organizing activities in the form of English language forums and simulations.

    Company Visit

    Organizing visiting activities with the aim of companies or government agencies in fields that are in accordance with the professional domain in the ITS Geomatics Engineering Department.

    Alumni Database

    Collect and update the Geodesy and / or Geomatics Engineering ITS alumni database in the form of hardfiles and / or softfiles. This activity is to answer GBPK HIMAGE-ITS Year 2020 regarding “The existence of publications related to information between associations and alumni, both face to face, print media, and online media”.

    English Club

    Organizing activities in the form of regular English language forums for Geomatics Engineering students to improve foreign language skills, both orally and in writing, with selected topics according to the latest global issue developments.

    IMGI delegation (Indonesian Geodesy Student Association)

    Sending representatives of HIMAGE-ITS members in events and / or activities held by the Indonesian Geodesy Student Association (IMGI).

    Greeting Card

    Communicating with ORMAWA at ITS and ITS Geomatics Engineering Alumni.

    ORMAWA's visit

    Communicating and visiting ORMAWA both inside and outside KM ITS.