Certificate and Accreditations

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    Certificate and Accreditations

    As one of the leading institutions of tertiary and geomatics engineering education in Indonesia, the ITS Geomatics Engineering Department has a reputation at the national level. This is evidenced by accreditation and certificates that guarantee the quality of education and research in the Geomatics Engineering Department. Find information about accreditations and certificates owned by the Department of Geomatics Engineering Here.

    The Department of Geomatics Engineering was declared a department with A accreditation (highest accreditation) by BAN-PT Indonesia in 2016. The evidence of accreditation certificates for institutions and study programs can be found at the link below  :


    Accreditation ITS

    Accreditation of S1 Geomatics Engineering Study Program

    The ITS Geomatics Engineering Department will apply for the Asean University Network (AUN-QA) certification in 2019. This needs to be done considering the ITS Geomatics Engineering Department has collaborated with several universities in the ASEAN and East Asia regions.