Webinar#35 Potensi LtJ dalam Semburan Lumpur Lapindo

Mon, 29 Mar 2021
6:55 pm
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Badan Geologi Kementerian ESDM starting this year (2021) plans to research Rare Earth Metals (LtJ) in various places in Indonesia, to support government policies to accelerate the development of battery-based electric motorized vehicles (KBLBB). There are nine survey locations that will be carried out, namely in Bangga Islands (Central Sulawesi).

In addition, Badan Geologi has conducted a study that the Sidoarjo mudflow has the potential to contain rare earth metals (LtJ), especially Lithium. This is very interesting, especially since the location is close to the ITS Surabaya campus which has conducted many studies on this mud. And even this is in accordance with ITS mission, which is to contribute to science and technology for the welfare of society through education, research, community service and management activities based on information and communication technology.

The Department of Geophysics Engineering ITS in collaboration with HAGI Komwil Surabaya will hold a Web Seminar on Potential LtJ in Sidoarjo Mud by inviting the Badan Geologi Kementerian ESDM and ITS researchers who have studied LtJ in the mud.

  • Dr. Ir. Eko Budi Lelono (Kepala Badan Geologi ESDM)
  • Lukman Noerochim, Ph.D (Lecturer of Teknik Material dan Metalurgi ITS)

WEB SEMINAR will be held on:

  • Saturday 3 April 2021
  • 09.00 WIB till drop
  • Join Zoom :

The presentation of Speakers will be shared here:

  1. Potensi Ekonomis dalam Semburan Lumpur Sidoarjo
  2. Potensi Lithium dalam Air Semburan Lumpur Sidoarjo

Webinar is open for public, and required for Geophysical Engineering ITS who is in course of Endapan Mineral

Lets join the event and get the e-certificate!


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