Webinar #47: Mitigasi Tsunami Senyap

The Palu tsunami on 28 September 2018 surprised many people because it was not detected. This tsunami appeared some time after the M7.4 Palu earthquake. Then the Banten tsunami happened again on December 22, 2018 which hit the coast of the Sunda Strait. The two tsunamis caused quite a lot of casualties, damage and losses. This tsunami is known as a silent tsunami or a sudden tsunami without warning or without an earthquake or starting an earthquake but not being felt in coastal areas. The cause of a silent tsunami is due to avalanches from volcanoes and/or large landslides that enter the sea.

Silent tsunamis have already occurred in various places in Indonesia, such as what happened in Lomblen, Nusa Tenggara Islands on July 18, 1979, which was triggered by a landslide. In 1994, when the Banyuwangi tsunami occurred, the people of Pancer did not feel an earthquake. At that time, the people of Pancer were playing puppets all night and knew that the tsunami was coming in the early hours of the morning. On October 25, 2010, an earthquake occurred in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra followed by a tsunami of 3-7 meters that hit the South Pagai Island, North Pagai, Mentawai Regency, West Sumatra.

In accordance with ITS mission to contribute in science and technology for the welfare of society through education, research, community service and management based on information and communication technology, we will hold a Silent Tsunami Mitigation Webinar with the aim of knowing more about the silent tsunami and mitigation efforts.

This “Mitigasi Tsunami Senyap” webinar will be held by the ITS Geophysical Engineering Department by inviting competent sources in their fields:

  1. Gegar Prasetyo PhD (Head of Ikatan Ahli Tsunami Indonesia)
  2. Dr. Dhany Afryanto (Lecturer dan Researcher of Physics Engineering ITS)
  3. Dr.-Ing Widjo Kongko (Head of Balai Teknologi Infrastruktur Pelabuhan dan Dinamika Pantai, BRIN)

and will be held on:

The presentation of resource speakers could be downloaded through the following link once the events finished: