Lab Petrophysics

Research Topic

The development of geophysical technology is currently very rapid and provides opportunities to develop instrumentation, assist interpretation and determine rock parameters quite accurately, so that characteristics can be better analyzed. The Petrophysics Laboratory has a commitment to enrich East Java’s subsurface data by applying it to research or research by Lab members. Data obtained in the form of sample cores and subsurface sections. The method developed in the Petrophysics Laboratory is the Deep Surface Geophysical Method such as the Seismic, Gravitation and Electromagnetic-Magnetoteluric methods.

Current studies of Petrophysics Laboratory is described in the following roadmap:

1. Field of Rock Properties


2. Field of Rock Magnetism

Support Tools

  • Field tools: Seismic, Resistivity meters, Drill Tools, Geological Tools
  • Laboratory equipments: GPS Handheld, Compass Geology, soil permeability test, Oscilloscope, Ultrasonic
  • Software: Matlab, Geophysical Processing Packages

Laboratory Member

Research Activity