Pendidikan Bencana Geologi-Mengidentifikasi Penyebab Banjir Bandang dan Mitigasinya, Dr Amien Widodo as Speaker

Fri, 26 Feb 2021
9:48 am
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Floods are one of the most destructive annual natural disasters, because they occur suddenly and its power is able to brings materials along to the flow.

The community’s unpreparedness and the strength of this sect have resulted in a lot of losses and even casualties. The Flood of Nganjuk, one of them, which was a week ago swept 8 villages, and many other similar incidents.

Is floods merely due to high rainfall and landslide material? or is there another cause that is more important? Then, how to end this disaster subscription?

See the explanation in the 9th session of the Geological Disaster Education Webinar presented by Dongeng Geologi ( with the East Java Geography MGMP:

Pendidikan Bencana Geologi #9 “Mengidentifikasi Penyebab Banjir Bandang dan Mitigasinya”

Invited as Speaker:

  • Dr. Amien Widodo (Senior Researcher of MKPI and Geophysical Engineering ITS)

Invited to deliver opening speech:

  • Irwan Susilo, S.T., M.T. (Secretary of IAGI-MGTI and President Director of PT. Geospasia WJ.)
  • Anak Agung Gede Putra, S.I.P., M.M. (Head of Community Services PP Kagama and Head of Networking&Services PT BNI Surabaya)

The Moderator of this event is:

  • Arif Baidowi, M.Pd (Teacher of SMAN 1 Campurdarat, Jawa Timur)

and the Host is:

  • Muhammad Dandy D.G.B.B (Teknik Geologi ITNY)

This virtual event will be held on:

Join the event and get Free E-Certificate as well as the Doorprize!







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