Nono, Wisudawan Internasional Asal Timor Leste Yang Penuhi Perjalanan Studi Dengan Berbagai Target

Wed, 13 Oct 2021
7:35 pm
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In 2021, ITS Geophysical Engineering has incubated its first international graduates. A graduate from Timor Leste, Norberto Soares Celestino, S.T., became a foreign student who successfully completed his studies in Geophysical Engineering ITS.

This grantee of FDCH (Fundo do Desenvolvimento do Capital Humano) scholarship from the government of Timor Leste, tells of his study journey which he fulfilled with various targets. “During the lecture process, I always had targets. Even though in the first semester I got unsatisfactory grades, but I did not give up, and set various goals and targets that must be met for the following semesters.”

During his 4 years of study, Nono not only spent time with academic activities, he also diligently attended workshops, training, seminars, and events held by ITS Global Engagement. Besides being useful for enriching insight and soft skills, activities at ITS Global Engagement allow Nono to interact with foreign students from various countries who are studying at ITS. “During the lecture holidays, I also take my vacation time by attending various workshops, such as an English course in Kampung Inggris (Pare), and a Geophysical Method Application Workshop at Brawijaya University”, said this ITS Geophysical Engineering alumni from the 2017 class (TG 06).

After completing his studies which in his final assignment he raised the topic “Conversion of Time Domain to Depth Domain Using Velocity Modeling Method in Interpreting Seismic Data in the ‘R’ Field, Nono also targets to have a career as a Geophysics Engineer in the petroleum industry in his home country, Timor Leste. No that’s all, he intends to accompany his work by hunting for scholarship opportunities to be able to continue his studies at the master’s level.

Nono said that his success in completing his education for 4 years could not be separated from the guidance of the lecturers, especially Dr. Widya Utama, DEA. “Although I know that Mr. Widya is a strict lecturer, behind his assertiveness there is a good and constructive goal, he is not tired of guiding me from the beginning of the semester until I graduate”. In addition, he also thank Mrs. Anik Hilyah, MT, who is also the supervisor of his Final Project.

Nono’s hope for ITS Geophysical Engineering Department is that it will always develop from time to time and always produce high-quality graduates, “Hopefully in the future ITS Geophysical Engineering will also produce more and more top international students”, he concluded.


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