Kevin Dwimanggala Tjiongnotoputera, S.T., Graduate of Geophysical Engineering ITS Who Finish His Study In 3,5 Years

Sat, 09 Apr 2022
10:12 am
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“The first strategy is to try as much as possible to achieve a score of 3.5 in order to take 24 credits”, said Kevin Dwimanggala Tjiongnotoputera, S.T, graduate of 2022 Geophysical Engineering starting the story.

Graduates who have completed undergraduate program in 7 semesters conveyed several strategies to complete their studies faster. “The second strategy is to find an agency that accepts students and gives topics to work on the Final Project, in this case, my friend (Gilang Pramata) and I got the Balai Air Tanah agency. I took the opportunity when the agency was filling out a Guest-Lecture on Geophysical Engineering”. Finally, Kevin got the topic of his final project entitled Identification of Hard Soil Distribution for Dam Construction using Geoelectric Method in Sepaku, East Kalimantan.

“Then the third strategy, prioritizing academics by not being a functionary of an organization, in this case I was fortunate enough to have had sufficient organizational and committee experience in the previous semesters,” said the graduate, who has worked a lot in student organizations during his lectures, such as joining the ITS Buddhist Spiritual Development Team, the Indonesian Geophysics Student Association Region IV, the ITS Geophysical Engineering Student Association, and the ITS Student Choir UKM.

He also admitted that the support from his family and friends during his lectures really helped him, “And lastly, the support from friends and family and the enthusiasm to complete the Final Project can help reach 3.5 years”. Not only conveying the strategy of graduating within 3.5 years, he also revealed a message that was most memorable from the Lecturer, “Lecturers during the lecture period are tasked with guiding and pointing out mistakes in ethics and research. When you fall into the world of work, everything will be much different, where you have to adapt and correct yourself independently.”

This graduate who has spawned 4 scientific publications (2 proceedings and 2 IOP Science journals) also left a message for his friends. “To my fellow students, keep your enthusiasm for lectures, don’t forget about academics because it is your main goal of studying, take opportunities such as being an assistant because it is quite useful as an experience and review of courses, and don’t forget to do practical work, internships, TA at foreign agencies ITS to increase relations and explore more knowledge”.

At the end of the story, Kevin expresses hope for his alma mater. “I hope that the exploration tools at DTG ITS will be more complete and become a good debriefing for existing students. I also hope that the name of DTG ITS will become more fragrant and will produce graduates who excel in academics and work,” he said at the end of the story.

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