Guest Lecture “Ijen Geopark : The First UNESCO Global Geopark in East Java” Inviting Abdilah Baraas, S.T.

Sun, 02 Apr 2023
1:51 pm
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The long journey of the Ijen Geopark towards the UNESCO global geopark has been carefully prepared by many parties, involving the government, academia, the public, the media and the private sector. The main characteristic that is superior to the Ijen Geopark site is the beauty of the Mount Ijen area which puts forward three components of tourism, namely geological, biological and cultural tourism. At first it only covered Banyuwangi Regency, in its development it included Bondowoso Regency so that it enriched the diversity of the Ijen Geopark.

Initially Mount Ijen had also been designated as a network of World Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO through the UNESCO International Coordinating Council meeting in Peru, in 2016. In 2018 it proposed as a geopark area and was approved by the Geological Agency in 2018. Indonesian National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) or KNIU of the Ministry of Education and Culture proposed that Ijen Geopark be part of the world geopark network (UNESCO Global Geopark/UGG). The Governor of East Java and the Regent of Banyuwangi welcomed and were grateful for the support from the central government through the Daily Chairperson of the KNIU Kemendikbud Prof. Arief Rachman who had facilitated the submission letter.

All parties are moving to prepare for the internationalization of the Ijen Geopark, at least to pursue and fulfill the geopark assessment criteria to become a UNESCO Global Geopark, including 35 percent geology and landscape (territorial, geo-conservation, natural and cultural heritage), 25 percent management or management structure, 15 percent interpretation and environmental education, 15 percent geotourism, and 10 percent sustainable regional economic development. UGG Council meeting, 8 September 2022. It was decided to accept the Ijen Geopark proposal to become part of the world geopark network. In December 2022, the UGG Board will hold a meeting to examine our submissions which are currently undergoing evaluation and re-validation.

ITS Geoophysical Engineering presents guest lecture with the topic โ€œ”Ijen Geopark : The First UNESCO Global Geopark in East Javaโ€, inviting resource speaker:

  • Abdilah Baraas, S.T. (Ketua Geopark Ijen and Wakil Ketua I Jaringan Geopark Indonesia)

Act as moderator :

  • Ferdian Yoga Aditama (Student of ITS Geoophysical Engineering)

As Host:

  • Dr. Amien Widodo (Lecturer of ITS Geoophysical Engineering)

which will be held on

The presentation of speakers could be accessed through link below:

  • Abdilah Baraas, S.T. (Ketua Geopark Ijen danย Wakil Ketua I Jaringan Geopark Indonesia)


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