GEOTERPADU 2018, Revealing hot water source in Lombang Beach, Sumenep

Wed, 24 Oct 2018
9:41 am
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Lombang Village is a village that located in Sumenep Regency, Madura. Lombang village have beach located at the east side of Sumenep, which is approximately 25 km from Sumenep. The location is in Batang-Batang Subdistrict. Beach in Lombang are consists of White Sands that covered by dense pine trees from the coast to shoreline. Its beauty are the main attractions at East Madura.

In the midst of the beauty of Lombang Beach attractions, along with a team of lecturers, students of ITS Geophysical Engineering Department got word about the discovery of the hot springs in the area. One of the locals (Yoga) confirmed the discovery during interview from Preliminary Survey. “One of the locals dug up the ground for the purpose of daily needs. The water thath came out from the well are hot and produced sulfur”. It became one of the interests for the academic Geophysical Engineering Department, apart from the tourist attractions. On 27 August 2018, a team of University students and their professors conduct research in the area in order to find the origin of the formation of the hot springs are examined from the
perspective of earth science. Thus, the research “Geophysical Fieldcamp 2018”, by Geophysical Engineering Department was conducted from 27 August to 3 September 2018 in order to examine the Hydrothermal system of Lombang Village area, Subdistrict Batang Batang, Sumenep Regency, Madura. Teams of Students batch 2015, assistants, and professors were doing geophysical method of measurement ranging from Tuesday until Sunday. Some of the measurement’s methods performed are: gravity, Magnetic, Seismic, geoelectric, Microtremor, and Magnetotellurik. Method of gravity, magnetic, and magnetotellurik are used to view the structure of the subsurface area of research. Seismic method is used to see the bedding and the structure of the subsurface. Geoelectric method used with vertical electrical sounding to see artificial subsurface resistivity variations per measurement point. Microtremor measured thick layer, as well as the existence of subsurface fluid flow. Following articles are the activities in field.

Gravitational Method


Geomagnetic Method


Geoelectrical Method

 Seismic Method

This research is one of the form of social service from Geophysical Engineering Department for community and to apply the knowledge that have been acquired by students during the college period in Geophysical Engineering ITS Department. During research, the teams received a warm welcome by many locals who were puzzled about the existence of hot springs around areas of research.


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