Congratulations to Dr. Priatin Hadi Wijaya For Inauguration of Being “Analis Kebijakan Madya”

Wed, 13 Oct 2021
5:11 pm
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Geophysical Engineering congratulates to Dr. Priatin Hadi Wijaya For The Inauguration of Being “Analis Kebijakan Madya”


Dr. Priatin Hadi Wijaya now in position of Koordinator Penyelenggaraan dan Sarana Litbang, Puslitbang Geologi Kelautan, Balitbang, Kementerian ESDM, and also being an Advisory Board of Geophysical Engineering ITS. 

On 4 October 2021, he gave the guest lecture to students of Geophysical Engineering ITS, with the topic: “Peran Survei G&G Kelautan Untuk Mendukung Kebijakan Strategis Sektor ESDM Dan Prioritas Nasional“.


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