Academic Information of Even Semester 2020/2021

Sat, 27 Feb 2021
9:16 pm
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The start of Even Semester 2020/2021 is getting close, so we inform to students some announcements which is needed to prepare. Through the following link, students can access those informations:

.>> Academic Information  for  Even Semester 2020/2021 <<

In the link above, students will find:

  1.  Presentation and Recording of FRS Briefing (in folder of Presentasi)
  2. Academic Schedule of Even Semester 2020/2021 (in folder of Presentasi)
  3. Rules of SKEM from Geophysical Engineering ITS (in folder of SKEM)
  4. Drive for Uploading SKEM document for students in year of 2014, 2016. 2017 (in folder of SKEM)







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