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October 10, 2021 19:10

124th Graduation Ceremony of ITS Surabaya

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In the month October 2021, ITS Surabaya held the 124th Graduation ceremony which again had to be conducted in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic. However, this time, a new method was employed for graduation procession, that is a Drive Thru conferring, which means diplomas can be conferred in succession, one after another, while letting the graduates receive their diplomas after momentarily leaving their respective vehicles, hence, a drive thru conferring. Although, only selected graduates who meet certain requirements can participate this way, with some considerations including distance and personal state of health. The rest of graduates can participate in the procession through online commencement, in compliance with government regulation to prevent widespread Covid 19 infection. Due to the large number of graduates, around 3.342 of them, the 124th Graduation procession was divided into 4 days, which are 2-3 October and 9-10 October, on Saturday and Sunday.

The conferring of the diploma was handled directly by the ITS Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari and other campus officials, which took place in the courtyard of the ITS Rectorate Building, where the procession of graduates’ vehicles took turns to receive their diplomas one after another.

During this graduation procession, ITS also provides an opportunity for graduates who do not own a personal vehicle, or are unable to bring a personal vehicle, to use service assistance in the form of transportation using vehicles provided by ITS free of charge, to take part in the 124th drive-thru Graduation Ceremony. And not just any common vehicles seen in public, but electric vehicles produced as a result of multiple researches by ITS Campus.

One of the vehicles that managed to attract quite the attention was the Scrambler-style electric motorcycle, a naked-style that is generally used on motorcycles with combustion engines, but was used on a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle)) instead. This electric motorcycle is named Ditrix E-Scrambler, which is a prototype EV by PUI SKO ITS, aimed to introduce and popularize the use of electric vehicles in the community, using a style that is already popular, which in this case is the Scrambler type.

Evidently, many attendees of the event were interested to test out the performance of this electric motorcycle. This motorcycle is driven by a 5 KW electric motor which is powered by Li-on NMC battery pack. This E-Scrambler prototype also shows the capabilities of local components created by startup companies that were pioneered by ITS itself, such as motor controllers, batteries, and motorcycle chassis, all created by the proud children of the country.

In addition to the E-Scrambler, other electric vehicles used including the BEV converted Toyota Calya, which is the result of a collaboration between PT Toyota Astra Motor and ITS; I-Car, which is an autonomous vehicle in the form of a golf caddy car; and electric scooter which is the result of PUI SKO ITS research and already well known to the public, while also widely sold in Indonesia, that is GESITS electric scooter.

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