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June 16, 2021 08:06

ITS Incubator Received a Visit from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs

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The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Kemenkop-UKM held a Socialization of Entrepreneurial Incubation Facilitation at ITS Research Center, on Tuesday (15/6) .

This activity was attended by three representatives from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Director of the Directorate of Innovation and Science Techno Park (DIKST) ITS, Senior Manager of Incubator and Innovative Business Services (ILBI) ITS, Senior Manager of Access to Capital and Alumni (APK) ITS, and Regional Coordinator of the Association of Indonesian Business Incubators (AIBI) East Java.

Kemenkop-UKM explained more technically related to the purpose, objectives, and procedures of activities, as well as verifying the ITS Incubator. This is done to support the improvement of the quality of economic growth, a good business climate, expansion of employment opportunities, and to increase competitiveness.  ITS also stated its readiness to assist 10 Start Ups from the Kemenkop-UKM if they passed the verification.

Ir. Baroto Tavip, M.Sc., Senior Manager of Incubator and Innovative Business Services (ILBI) ITS said, ILBI ITS is open to all of ITS students and alumni; as well as other university students and alumni who are interested in becoming a Start Up assisted by the ITS Incubator, especially Start Up based on technology and creativity. Currently, there are 6 clusters available in ILBI ITS, namely: Creative Design, ICT and Robotic, Automotive and Transportation, Medical and Pharmacy, Maritime, and Food and Tourism.

Each cluster has lecturers and a researcher teams with relevant scientific fields to assist tenants, or industrial personnel according to tenant needs. “There are different lecturers, mentors, and coaches,” said Baroto.

In ILBI ITS, there are assistants who act as communicator between tenants either to mentors, coaches, or incubators. Mentors are tasked with sharing knowledge, experience, and networking. Meanwhile, Coaches are in charge of educating, fostering, and accompanying Start Ups to achieve their goals. In the ITS Incubator, each mentor accompanies one tenant only, or a maximum for 2 tenants. “There are 4 assistants from internal, and there are 24 people from external,” said that lecturer in Visual Communication Design of ITS.

The ITS Incubator facilities and infrastructure carry the concept of co-working space, with a total of 4 cluster buildings and one floor (floor 8) in the ITS Research Center Building for all tenants. “The 5 buildings can accommodate 40 in-wall tenants. And now there are 37 tenants staying,” explained Dr. Ir. Achmad Affandi DEA, Director of DIKST.

Currently, there are 46 tenants joined the ITS Incubator. And there are at least 18 tenants who exit (graduate) from the ITS Incubator every year. “We have a co-working space in Siola, in collaboration with the Surabaya City Government, but it is currently inactive due to the pandemic. The Science Techno Park (STP) must be useful for MSMEs in Surabaya and its surroundings,” Affandi explained.

The process to join as tenant in the ITS Incubator begins with several stages such as socialization, selection, recruitment and announcement of prospective ITS tenants. After being selected, tenants will enter into a contract with ITS and are entitled to assistance of training, coaching, mentoring, seminars, exhibitions, FGD (Focus Group Discussion), business legality, and making a Business Plan.

For development, tenants will obtain HAKI (Intellectual Property Rights) facilities, certification and standardization, business meetings, as well as product testing and market testing. Furthermore, tenants will go through the stages of product commercialization, market expansion, and network development. Until the output, the tenant is expected to be released into a Technology-Based Startup Company (PPBT) which is innovative, independent, and competitive.

Baroto Tavif revealed that the entire incubation process will take up to 2 years maximum, covering consultation and assistance, production technology, management, market access, and financing facilities. Established in 1995, the ITS Incubator is the oldest university incubator in Indonesia.


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