Services Center on Academic Activities in the Department of Business Statistics

For services to the academic community, the Department of Business Statistics of the Vocational Faculty provides DSB Care. DSB Care is a one-stop administrative service for students where the entire management process is served at one door and carried out in one place. This is a concrete manifestation and commitment of the Department of Business Statistics to provide excellent service to the entire academic community, especially students.

Types of services that can be performed include:

  1. Criticism and suggestions
  2. Final Project Cover Letter
  3. Internship Cover Letter
  4. Permit for Student Activities on Campus
  5. Vaccine Evidence Collection
  6. Student Activity Assignment Letter & Supervisor SK
  7. Competition/Scholarship/Student Exchange Recommendation Letter
  8. Space/Place Borrowing Permit
  9. Activity Certificate Signature
  10. Goods Borrowing Permit


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