Concerned About The Low Literacy Level, A Team of Lecturers and Students in Business Statistics Founded Literasik

Thu, 12 Oct 2023
10:21 am

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Literasik Reading House – Kab. Sumenep

DSB Berita– The Business Statistics Department in collaboration with the German Embassy has successfully established a reading house in Bungubungan Village, District. Bluto, Sumenep Regency, East Java. Based on concerns regarding the relatively low literacy level of Indonesia’s young generation, the Lecturer and Student Team of the Department of Business Statistics in collaboration with the German Embassy implemented a community service program entitled “Increasing Reading Literacy through the Establishment of LiterAsik Reading Houses”. The activity of establishing a Literacy reading house is one of the efforts to introduce and improve literacy culture to the community, especially early childhood. This reading house, located in Bungbungan Village, Bluto District, presents a unique and interesting concept, the study room is equipped with various games designed to stimulate children’s motor skills, and is equipped with 1379 reading books with various types of knowledge.

Opening of the Literasik Reading house, September 29 2023

The Literasik reading house was officially opened by Mr. Subenang as Head of Bungubungan Village, Prof. Dr. Wahyu Wibowo, S.Si, M.Si as head of the Business Statistics Department, and Iis Dewi Ratih, S.Si, M.Si as head of the community service program on September 29 2023. This reading house is open every day during school hours and can be accessed free of charge. The opening of this reading room is not the first time that the idea of increasing reading literacy through the establishment of the LiterAsik reading house has been realized. Prof. Dr. Wahyu Wibowo. S.Si, M.Si said that the previous year a similar program had been implemented on Sapudi Island

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