List of Awards

Students and academics have succeeded in making achievements in order to make the names of departments, faculties and institutes proud. The following is a list of awards or achievements achieved by students and academic community Department of Business Statistics, Faculty of Vocational, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology:

College student :

  1. Winner IV 2017 ESCOOTER LKTI National
  2. Top 10 Mechanical Weekend Technology 2017
  3. Semifinalists Padjajaran Statistics Olympiad (RATIO), Favorite Champion of ITS Writing Movement 2017 (200 Word Contest)
  4. 1st Winner of the Statistical Week VI Statistics Statistics Mulawarman University
  5. National Statitics Challenge Semifinalists (NSC) Universitas Brawijaya 2017

Department :

Second place in the best performing department

College student :

  1. 1st Place in the Futsal Competition in Activity Statistics Day, on behalf of:
    1. Dendi Ardhitama P (1314030034)
    2. Chang Budi Ariyadi (1314030089)
    3. Alan Dwi Kesumo (1314030104)
    4. Yusuf Mawardi (1313030051)
    5. Dwimas Candra Agung P (1313030053)
    6. Briyan Adhi Santosa (1315030100)

    In September 2015

  2. Winner II LKTI “Entrepreneurship Development Based on Innovation and Excellence in Creativity to Increase High Competitiveness, on behalf of Ninda Nur Amaliya (1314030041) in May 2016
  3. LKTI Chemical Expo Semifinalists 2016, on behalf of
    1. Hikmatul Islamiyah (1315030001)
    2. Bella Sekar Yafie S (1315030024)
    3. Faizah Nur Fatimah (1315030006)

    On March 5, 2016

  4. Semifinalists of The Green Socientits Society’s National Essay Week on behalf of Harun Al Azies (1314030027) on October 25, 2015

Department :

Based on ITS Chancellor Decree No. 068143 / IT2.1 / KP.04.01. 2016 about the best performing department winners establishing the DIII category with the first best score is the DIII Statistics Study Program FMIPA.

No. Name of Achievement / Award / Activity and Time of Implementation Level (Local, Regional, National, or International) Achievements achieved
(1) (2) (3) (4)
1 NSC UB, in 2012,

Ardian Bayu Firudauz (3 people)

National Semifinals
2 NSC UB, in 2012,

Dimas Ewin Azhari (3 people)

National Semifinals
3 NSC UB, in 2012,

Dimas Fashihatin (3 people)

National Semifinals
4 Student Achievement Level in 2012 Institute. Arinda Nur Latifah National Second Place
5 Futsal UII 2012 National 1st place
6 MAWAPRES 2012/2013 Local ITS 1st place
7 Marine Icon 2013 Second Place
8 Seguni Dragon Boat  Race 2013 National Second Place
9 ITS Heroes Award 2013.

Nur Silviyah Rahmi

Local ITS 1st place
10 Calculus Competition, in 2013, Yusril Izzi Arlisa Amiri dan tim (2 orang) National Semifinals
11 National Statistics Competition, UB, in 2013, Yusril Izzi Arlisa Amiri dan (2 orang) National Semifinals
12 ITS Socio Fair 2014, in 2013, 11 college student DIII Local ITS The best Eco campus and HMJ are highly dedicated in the field of teaching
13 PKM-P, in 2014, Windia Cinde Prameswari National Bronze Medal

(Third Place)

14 Seguni Dragon Boat  Race 2014 (nama) National Second Place
15 Brawijaya Choir Festival Choir, 2104 Year, Fransiska Kristin Damayanti and Rakhmah Wahyu Mayasari National Gold Certificate (1st place)
16 Concorso Internazionale Student Choir In Canto Corale Seghizzi Gorizia, Italy, 2015, Fransiska Kristin Damayanti and Rakhmah Wahyu Mayasari International Gold Medal and 3 Silver Medals (2nd Prize in Category Historical Period 1400-1640; 3rd Prize in Category Folk, Traditional, Spiritual, Gospel, Pop and Jazz; 3rd in Category Choral Arrangements of Folk and Traditional Songs; 4th Prize in Historic Category; 5th prize in the 2015 27th grand prix seghizzi; best price for property in music; best costume in category 2A)


Based on the Rector’s Decree No. 074220 / IT2 / HK.00.01 / 2015 concerning the best performing department winners, the DIII category with the second best score is the DIII Statistics Study Program FMIPA

Based on the Rector’s Decree No. 073297 / IT2 / PP.00.04.00 / 2014 concerning the determination of the award winners of the implementation of the internal quality assurance system in the ITS Environment in 2014, the winner of the best SPMI achievement in the DIII category in 2014 The First Winner was the DIII Statistics Study Program FMIPA