Job Training / Internship

A.  Internship Definition

The Internship Program is an activity of students to practice their knowledge, attitudes, general and specific skills in the workplace. Based on ITS Rector Regulation Number 12 of 2019, it was stated that the internship aims to


  1. Applying and obtaining knowledge, general skills and special skills / work expertise; and
  2. Internalization of professional attitude and work culture that is appropriate and necessary for the business world.


As for the context of the Business Satistika Applied Bachelor Study Program, the Internship program aims to achieve mastery of special skills which include:

  • able to apply Statistics methods into procedures to solve business problems;
  • able to use software to carry out data analysis work;
  • able to solve business problems by using statistical analysis tools with due regard to industrial, economic and social factors;
  • able to create programs that support data analysis;
  • able to improve the quality of the performance of a process through testing, collecting work object measurement data, analysis and management as well as data interpretation according to procedures and standards;
  • able to review the complete operational procedures in solving business problems that have been and / or are being applied, and can put it in the form of scientific work papers.


B.    General Guidelines

The general provisions of the Internship in the Business Satistika Applied Bachelor Study Program are as follows:


  1. Internship is carried out for 4-6 months with a weight equivalent to 14 SKS (equivalent ….. hours)
  2. Students will be guided by internal supervisors who are internal lecturers of the Business Satistika Applied Bachelor Study Program and external mentors from business / industry.
  3. During the apprenticeship students work full time in the field in accordance with Partner’s requirements.
  4. At the time of the internship students must not take leave.
  5. Students can get permission to do certain academic activities, through discussions and agreements with the Partners as an internship.
  6. Partners where the internship location can provide a certificate of competence with applicable terms and conditions.

Download Internship Guidelines here


C.   Requirements

To carry out an Internship, students are required to fulfill:

  1. Students listed as ITS students during their Internship
  2. Have passed at least 90 SKS courses (SKS Passed)

Download the Intern Paper Template (Indonesian Version)

Download the Internship Form

Download the letter of permission to conduct guidance

Apprenticeship Registration here

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