Alumni Association


The Alumni Diploma Alumni Association (IKADATA-ITS) has been de facto inaugurated in October 2017 with temporary management status. Before IKADATA-ITS was formed, alumni of the ITS Diploma in Statistics still joined the ITS Statistics Alumni Association (IKASTA-ITS), because the change in ITS status to become a Legal State University (PTN-BH) ITS Diploma Diploma alumni were required to make their own alumni ties and release from IKASTA-ITS. IKADATA-ITS is currently chaired by Risfian Eka Kurniawan who is a Diploma in Statistics from the 2010 class. IKADATA-ITS is active in responding to internal and external issues that are still related to campus policy, both in department, faculty, and institute. IKADATA-ITS is also active in shaping activities that involve students and department management in order to introduce and strengthen relationships. More complete information about IKADATA-ITS can be accessed through social media Facebook or Instagram.


To be a place of service for ITS Business Statistics alumni who make a real contribution to society.


1. Proactively strengthening ties between IKADATA-ITS members

2. Being an organization that has a role in shaping the competence of its members

3. Become a liaison member with the DSB alma mater and ITS