Achieving Alumni

Triton Tunggorono, SSi MM

Assistant Vice President (AVP) PT National Pension Savings Bank (btpn), tbk

Serving as a Human Capital Business Partner
Alumni of DIII Statistics Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya

During my education at DIII Statistics ITS, there were a lot of things I learned and learned, mainly thinking critically and always based on data, always adjusting to change and ready to take risks.

With the big name of ITS, I became increasingly experienced when I entered the early world of my career in 1997, thank God with all the dynamics in building a career, in various types of industries I have increasingly found a format in the work.

Because in the science of Statistics itself, actually flexible science can enter into all fields and sectors of work, it will make it easier for graduates to adjust to employment or business fields that require its application.

Evidenced by the range of fields I started, from PPIC, Logistics, Marketing, Consultants, to date in the HR field.

Congratulations and Success for the entire ITS Statistics academic community,