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Thu, 30 Dec 2021
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MBKM Activities
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Kode : MB-10

Period : 01 Feb – 29 Jul 2022 (5 bulan)


Details of activities


Optimizing Real Time Application Progressio, the Next Level PRODAMAS Support System


This certified internship program is designed for participants who want to be directly involved in the community and help the Kediri City Government optimize existing programs and greatly increase the level of participation and collaboration for Kediri residents with fellow Kediri residents or residents of other cities. PRODAMAS Goes Digital can be used and implemented by apprentices to solve problems in their respective areas. Internship participants will be spread in various villages in the Kediri City Government. The city of Kediri has 14 sub-districts in Mojoroto sub-district, 17 sub-districts in Kota sub-district and 15 sub-districts in Islamic boarding school district.

Students will be involved in programs that are already running, but require optimization, including:

1. Optimization of Joint Venture Cooperatives (KUBE) in each RW

2. Development of the PARAMUDA organization which will be the driving force for regional youth in every kelurahan

3. Optimization of waste bank as a prevention of climate change and utilization for regional businesses

4. Development of the PROGRESSIO application which will also be used as an application for the citizens of Kediri in the use of the PRODAMAS program

5. Optimization of Prodamas Website and integration with social media

6. Branding the city of Kediri to realize the Harmony of Kediri. Logo changes, RT branding, cool village branding.

Students for 6 months will be honed leadership, public speaking and socializing techniques in regional and sub-district or sub-district officials. Accompanied by the best program assistants from institutions (other than internship mentors), students will fully understand the full PRODAMAS program and the challenges ahead.




Developed Competencies


Program Performance Analysis
Content Specialist
Website Development



Participant Criteria


– Active university students who in the even semester of the 2021/2022 academic year take semesters 6 & 8;

– Physically and mentally healthy;

– Derived from the Department of Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Computer Systems or an equivalent study program

– Able to communicate well and able to work in groups;

– Have a high initiative;




Additional information


Internship Participants To carry out this program, the Government of the City of Kediri requires at least 60 internship students consisting of the following majors:

• Educational Sciences • Economics • Socio-Cultural Sciences • Urban Regional Planning Engineering • Environmental Engineering • Statistics • Visual Communication Design • Communication Studies • IT and equivalent




Appeal of Internship Programs


This internship program has several attractions for interns, namely:

• Based on real problems in the area

• Become a real agent of change by helping to create community programs

• Become Social Control and bring improvement in local government

• Multi-disciplinary collaboration that can examine in depth a problem

• The diversity of origins of the interns provides a variety of viewpoints on solving solutions

• Implementation of Design Thinking techniques in the internship process

• Fun, casual and professional internship process




Facilities obtained during the internship:


• Pocket money

• Accommodation Fee

• Temporary Residence (Kediri City Government)

• Professional Advisor

• Certificate and Credit Conversion of 20.

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