Research Field

Research in the Urban and Regional Planning Department

The concentration of the research and study fields is directed towards spatial modeling, risk and disaster management systems, and the development of modeling systems, which include assisting in the analysis of the planning process.

The research themes / topics discussed in the Computing Planning and Modeling Laboratory include:

  • Disaster and Risk Management
  • Land use modeling
  • Transportation Modeling
  • Spatial Modeling
  • Planning Information System
  • Modeling Software Development

The concentration of the field of research and study is carried out more towards the design of the city and the shape of urban buildings.

Objective: It is hoped that cities will have a harmonious, harmonious and balanced environment, make a city healthy, comfortable as a place to live and perform, and make a sustainable urban environment for the next generation.

The themes / research topics that are discussed include:

  • Site Planning (Site Plan)
  • City Management
  • City Design
  • Urban Space Pattern
  • Tourism Planning
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Urban Morphology

Concentration in the field of research and study conducted include:

Regional Disparities
Rural Planning
Urban Rural Linkage
Urban Mobility
Competition & Collaboration among Regions
Disaster Management
Ecological Carrying Capacity
Sustainable Coastal Development
Tourism Planning
The themes / research topics that are discussed include:

  • Transportation Planning and Management
  • Regional Economy
  • Environmental Management
  • Coastal Zone Planning
  • Area Development
  • Rural Planning
  • Land Use and Land Management
  • Development Financing
  • Regional Policy
  • Population