# Overview of the reading room

  • Reading Room The PWK Department has more than 1,500 titles and also contains a collection of student Final Assignment research books.
  • This reading room is intended for ITS PWK students and lecturers themselves, but it can also be used for students of other majors and outside users in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • This room operates on campus business hours (Monday – Friday, starting at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB).
  • This room has a reading desk facility (accommodating 15 people), one computer unit to access searches for book titles, 1 printer unit (print / scan / copy) that can be used as a support.
    Support Services: – Scanner, Printer

# Rules for Visitors to the Reading Room

  • Book books in the reading room are only read in place and copied, except those old books can be borrowed out.
  • For students outside of ITS if they come and enter the PWK reading room, they must bring a cover letter from the institution concerned and only be given a copy and read service on the spot.
  • For ITS students other than the PWK Department, if they come and enter the PWK reading room, they must show the valid Student ID Card and only be provided with photocopy and reading services at the place.

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Monday-Friday: 08.00 – 16.00

Saturday, Sunday and red dates.