Program Planning and Development Division (Registration : 06 Jun – 17 Jul 2022)

Mon, 11 Jul 2022
2:20 pm
MBKM Activities
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Department Specific Requirements

  • Students have taken Community Development courses

Details of activities

Quality Education Project through Guiding Achievement PKH Children to Continue Study – Bandar Lampung, Lampung

The Ayo Lecture Movement aims to provide equal and inclusive access to children from underprivileged families who excel in order to continue their education to higher education. The number of underprivileged families in Indonesia is 57,600,000 people (Source: Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, 2019). The assumption of this amount is the lack of access for children to continue their studies in higher education. To achieve quality education in the SDGs, one of the actions that can be taken is to provide access for children from underprivileged families to be able to continue their studies. Thus, the project that will be carried out is the Guidance of Hopeful Family Program Children (PKH) with Advanced College Achievement, located in Lampung Province in 2022 by the Let’s Study Movement.

Developed Competencies

  • Analysis of the public policy model for Social Welfare Development (Kesos) policies and their relevance to the development of the Ayo Lecture Movement (GAK) innovation program
  • Policy analysis of the Family Hope Program (PKH) & KIP Tuition for underprivileged families in Indonesia
  • Audience with Stakeholders Related to Alternative Social Welfare Program Models through GAK Innovations
  • Implementation of the Results of the Social Welfare Development Policy Model through the Innovation of the GAK Program
  • Management & Development of the Come College Movement Innovation Program (GAK)

Participant Criteria

Major: Social Welfare Science, Psychology, Education Management, and other Socio-Political Sciences
Level: D4/S1
Semester: at least semester 5

Hard Skills Criteria:

  • Have the ability or experience in planning and program development in making strategic plans for social programs
  • Have an understanding of the Logic Framework Program, Logical Framework Analysis, or other tools through similar courses
  • Understand the design of social programs in humanitarian service organizations through need assessment
  • Understand the tools in monitoring and evaluating social programs

Soft Skills Criteria:

  • Have the ability to coordinate and communicate with various key stakeholders
  • Have a great desire to study social welfare and education issues through various related documents
  • Have high social empathy which is characterized by the experience of participating in social activities

Other criteria:

  • Good if you can drive a motorbike/car and have a driver’s license (not necessary)
  • Can ensure there are no obstacles in the management of Letters of Recommendation and SPTJM
  • Students from their respective universities

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