Building and Area Development Officer (Registration period: 06 Jun – 17 Jul 2022)

Thu, 14 Jul 2022
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Strategic Taskforce National Technopark Role Model Development

Solo Technopark (STP) plays a role as a national role model for talent development, innovation and creation in Indonesia. To achieve this goal, STP accelerates its movement by creating collaborations and strategic ecosystems, both physical and digital. For strategic collaboration, within 6 months STP brought more than 20 national partners who brought investments worth more than 130 billion. To strengthen the strategic ecosystem, in addition to collaborating with campuses, STP wants to invite the nation’s best talents to participate in developing a national technopark role model through an internship program.

The internship program opened by STP has three main principles. One, participants will be placed in a strategic position to become the Solo Technopark acceleration Task Force with experienced mentors. Second, the pattern of developing internship activities will focus on agile systems, strategic thinking, and starting from the end. Third, the projects and activities implemented have an impact driven principle to help the community, as quickly, as much and as massively as possible.

The pattern of division of roles, will focus on five main groups;
1. Strategic Operation Group: focuses on increasing the internal capacity of the organization
– Legal and Business Law Officer
– Human Resource Officer
– Building and Asset Management Officer
– Building and Area Development Officer
2. Strategic Storytelling Group: focuses on building narratives and stories about Solo Technopark
– Videographer and Photographer Officer
– Social Media and Media Campaign Officer
– Copywriting and Content Writer Officer
– Visual Communication Design Officer
3. Strategic Project Management Group: focuses on developing impactful project management
– ​​Production Service Officer
– Manufacturing Project Officer
– SMES and StartUp Incubator Project Officer
– Oil and Gas Training Project Officer
4. Strategic IT Project Group: developing impactful information technology projects
– Web Developer
– Cyber ​​Security Officer
– Front End & Back End Officer
5. Strategic Business Development Group : focuses on teams interested in network development and making a sustainable business
– Digital Marketing Officer
– Partnership and Collaboration Implementation
– Strategic Event and Campaign Officer

Finally, STP believes that synergy and collaboration in this internship program will accelerate the achievement of a national technopark role model. It is hoped that with the five groups opened and the three principles of development, it can be useful for the community and be able to develop the capacity of apprentices.

Developed Competencies

  • Adaptability
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism
  • Project Management and Time Management
  • Creativity

Participant Criteria

Description: Handles building management and STP area development plans. Including but not limited to interior development, area development and building management, map-making of regional strategic development plans, as well as other strategic programs related to building and area management.

1. Major: Architecture, Interior Design, Regional Project Management, Regional Planning, Industrial Engineering, or other related majors and experiences
2. Level: D4, S1
3. Semester: Minimum 5 semesters
4. General Criteria for Candidates Wanted:
– Interested in self-development, networking, and impacting the community
– An individual with a growth mindset, open-minded, agile learner and challenge lover
– Project and team management experience, with the ability to lead and handle multiple time-sensitive cross-functional projects
– Ability to think strategically about complex issues and make professional presentations
– Ability to work effectively and quickly with all levels of management, both internal and external
– Ability to work independently and deal with a dynamic and fast-paced work environment
– ​​Mastery of English actively and passively preferred

Additional information

This Internship Program will collaborate with industry partners or well-known stakeholders both from within and outside the country.

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