Data and Information Support Team and Spatial Mapping (Registration period: 06 Jun – 17 Jul 2022)

Tue, 12 Jul 2022
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Details of activities

INSPIRING (Internship in Spatial Planning for Regional and National Growth) Batch II

Within the scope of the Directorate General of Spatial Planning (DJTR), the 2020-2024 RPJMN is translated into the DJTR Strategic Plan (Renstra) for 2020-2024. The DJTR Strategic Plan 2020-2024 refers to the third Strategic Goal of the Ministry of ATR/BPN, namely Spatial Planning based on Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR) to realize sustainable development goals that encourage economic growth.

The priority program target for providing RDTR is set at 2,000 Regency/City RDTR during 2020-2024, supported also by targets such as National RTR, Provincial/District/City RTRW, NSPK and Synchronization of Development Programs. However, the level of fulfillment is still far from being burnt. One of the strategic issues that hinders the productivity, quality, and effectiveness of spatial planning products is the low quality and quantity of human resources in the field of spatial planning.

Facing the challenges of Indonesia’s development in the next five years and efforts to support the achievement of Indonesia’s 2045 vision, DJTR sees the need to accelerate the provision of RDTR products as an effort to increase regional competitiveness. DJTR, therefore, designed a program to accelerate the preparation of an internship-based RDTR for students through collaboration with the PPSDM Ministry of ATR/BPN, the Association of Indonesian Planning Schools (ASPI), the Higher Education Leaders Forum for Geography and Geography Education (FORPIMGEO), and academics with continue the Certified Internship program since 2021 and the INSPIRING Batch I program in 2022.

The INSPIRING activity is an activity within a certified internship designed to complete the RDTR product backlog. The preparation of the RDTR is carried out by referring to the provisions stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Number 11 of 2021. When conducting internships, apprentices will be accompanied by a mentor who will then become the chairman or member of the drafting team. RDTR. Interns will be part of the RDTR drafting team. The internship program is planned to be completed within 5 (five) months, this activity will be carried out from July to December 2022.

Developed Competencies

  • Teamwork
  • Self Development
  • Regional Development
  • Database Management
  • Web Development
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making and Conflict Management
  • Professional ethics
  • Spatial Simulation and Modeling
  • Computer Network
  • Network Administration and Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Programming

Participant Criteria

1. Participants MUST register through the Merdeka Campus platform and the following link:

2. Active university students who are taking semester 5, or 7, have not graduated, and are willing to not graduate during the period of the Internship Program at Partners;

3. Comes from the study program Information Systems and Information Technology, Geography, or a relevant study program;

4. Able to communicate well and work in groups;

5. Have high initiative;

6. Preferably have coding, programming, and computer network skills for IT students;

7. Willing to be placed in the Directorate General of Spatial Planning, as well as the location that has been determined; and

8. Able to undergo an internship program on a full-time basis and not carried out in conjunction with other activities (lectures, real work lectures, thesis/final assignments, work, Merdeka Campus programs, or other internship programs).

Additional information

Students will be placed in the Directorate General of Spatial Planning, Regency/City Spatial Planning Office, or locations that have been determined according to the need to support the Strategic Plan (Renstra) target of the Directorate General of Spatial Planning, namely the compilation of 2,000 Spatial Detail Plans ( RDTR) in 2024.

More information:

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