Regarding the quality of students, DURP has a relatively high competition for the intake of the new students. The competitiveness to be accepted in DURP is around 5%, which means for every 100 applicants, only 5 were accepted as students at DURP. This competitiveness shows an increase, which is 4,9% in 2017 to 3,7% in 2018.

The new student admission policy at DURP follows ITS and national policy every new academic year, which consists of SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Mandiri/PKM. Government regulations say that at least 60% of students capacity is filled through national entrance exams and at most 40% is through local examinations. New Student Admission Schemes for State Higher Education including scholarships and regular schemes. This information is clearly published and routinely upgraded on the ITS student intake website ( This information is also linked to the DURP website on the new student admission menu (

The number of applicants (students) who choose DURP as their majors increase almost every year. The number of applicants based on data from the last 5 years is around 2,000-3,500 applicants with a capacity of only 100-120 students per year. This increasing number of applicants is caused not only because of good publications but also the continuous promotion and improvement conducted by DURP-ITS to prospective students or high school students. Every year, ITS including DURP has a program to promote the department through high school visit program in Indonesia, especially in Java Region. This program is conducted by current students that visit and explain the DURP goals and academic atmosphere at DURP. DURP sends brochures and posters about the department (Brochures and posters are presented in Appendix 25). DURP promotions are also carried out if there are high school students inbound. The latest visit this year was from Hang Tuah High School Surabaya (

In addition, DURP also promotes the program through educational exhibitions, social networks and website. To introduce DURP as one of the top priorities to unite the quality of education, DURP also organizes educational activities such as:

  • Regular CITIES international seminars are held every year. This activity works with the government and private institutions and invites lecturers and researchers to discuss and publish the publication or workshop. All information about CITIES has also been posted on the website (please visit
  • In order to introduce DURP to prospective students, the department also held a competition for high school students named PLANOPOLIS. This program held bi-annually and managed by the DURP Student Association-Himpunan Mahasiswa Planologi (HMPL). Several competitions about city planning were held, such as science writing, city mockups, city exploration, and others competition. This activity is widely followed by high school students so as to provide experience and interest to study in DURP ( and