Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree

The ITS Bachelor Urban and Regional Planning Program (PWK) was established in 2001 by opening the first student admissions in 2002. PWK ITS has been accredited A by BAN-PT in 2015 and is currently continuing to the ASEAN University Network (AUN) certification. The curriculum offered at PWK ITS is focused on regional, city and coastal planning with a variety of supporting programs and choices. Through teaching, studio and research activities, students are facilitated to achieve certain abilities and apply them in the scientific fields of regions, cities and coastal areas. There are also English classes for several courses held in each semester.

The Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BoURP) was established with its operating permit based on the Decree of Study Program Number 2825 / D / T / 2001 per August 30, 2001, and continued the first year of teaching activities in 2002 (as the firstly students recruitment held in 2002). BoURP first external quality assurance accreditation from BAN-PT (DIKTI) was firstly obtained in 2010 with mark B based on SK BAN-PT No.029 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / S1 / XII / 2010, continued in 2015 and successfully marked A based on SK BAN-PT No.1122/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2015.  The vision and mission of the establishment and development of BoURP are supporting the vision of ITS in an effort to become an international reputable research university and BoURP focuses on urban, regional, and coastal development.

BoURP Vision:

An institution of integrity, high- competence, and innovative in the field of sustainable regional and city planning in order to support regional autonomy and internationalization


BoURP Missions:

  1. Implement transparent and accountable organization management with the spirit of togetherness to achieve prosperity;
  2. Implement an efficient, innovative and sustainable education;
  3. Developing the advantage of science and technology in the field of Urban and Regional Planning sustainable management of natural resources in urban areas, rural areas, and coastal zone;
  4. Developing a network of educational activities, research and community service.


BoURP Objectives :

  1. To provide quality education that can generate graduates who are well-versed in the scientific field of urban and regional planning, have strong transferable skills and a strong sense of ethics and morality; establish network with local and overseas universities will help the BoURP to provide quality education.
  2. To contribute to the planning sciences community by engaging in research and community service activities to support the development of science, policy and addressing community issues in the field of urban and regional planning. The BoURP also aspires to contribute to professional planning practices by developing scientific models in the field of urban and regional planning that are responsive to advances in information and communication technologies (ICT).