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Book Writing Workshop Published

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On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, a seminar was held on “Book Writing Workshop published”. The event was organized by the ITS Library online through the Zoom application in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Technology and Intelligent Information FTEIC) ITS. Starting exactly at 9.30 until 12.30 WIB, the event was hosted by Waskito Wibisono as the Deputy Dean of FTEIC, and accompanied by co. Host Bagus Jati S. and co-host Siska Arifiani. At the beginning of the event, the opening and remarks were made by the FTEIC Dean, Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama.

Presenting 3 speakers who are very professional in their fields, the first is Professor Riyanarto Sarno, he is a professor of ITS Information Engineering and also a writer. Professor Riyan conveyed the Writing of Books following PO PAK and Book Framework. Many explained about the Submission of Credit Scores from the results of scientific papers that weighed so that they were published by national and international publishers.

Then the second speaker is Professor Imam Robandi is a professor of Electrical Engineering as well as a book writer. He explained about Case Study of Book Writing. A father who has educated more than 5000 writers said “Be a person who is a little do not be a lot of people, people read a lot but write a little. Start immediately, do not delay “.

The third speaker was Joko Irawan Mumpuni as the publishing director of CV Andy Offset as well as the writer and chair of IKAPI DIY. He explained about Writing Books Published by Publishers. Pak Joko gives many tips for how the book can be published and always try to form MS.Word because it is more flexible and easily edited by editors.

There were questions from several participants including Ms. Yuhana, how to divide up time so that it is productive in producing writing, juxtaposed with our busy lives. Professor Imam was intrigued to answer, wherever and whenever, if you have an idea, just pour it in the form of writing on any media such as a piece of paper then we put (hang) on ​​the wall, there are more ideas, write again, again, later if there are many and we have time together the writings are in the form of books or papers or whatever, to create a series of good writing and ready to be sent to the publisher.

At the end of the event Mr. Edy Suprayitno, Head of Library of ITS as the seminar organizer closed by explaining that this event was one of the library’s annual agendas in the form of seminars and workshops, and indeed we have often held seminars like this. In our experience, writing will be easier if we eliminate the worries that exist including the bad consequences of our writing, just immediately acation, lest the ideas disappear if postponed. just like when we wrote the book “Love Service” before until it was published several times, we were also assisted by Professor Imam.

“Thank you to all the participants and resource persons for the success of this event, if there are difficulties in finding reference material for your writings, you can contact us through several virtual library services, one of which is email” said the father of two sons and daughters . Bravo Library !!! (yag)

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