March 28, 2019 15:03

Librarians Meeting: Sharing Participant Training Session Of The 3rd Inpassing Technical Management Library Class

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Located in the 3rd floor Internet room of the ITS Library building, the librarians meeting was held at the beginning of 2019 (26/3). At this meeting, the theme taken was “Library Management Inpassing”. The event attended by 25 participants consisting of Librarians and Library Managers at the central library and department levels.

The reason for the theme of the discussion was taken because in the ITS Library (both at the Center and in the Department) there were still many library managers who had not yet taken the librarian’s functional path, even though this was very necessary for the progress and welfare of the library in general and library managers in particular. From this event, expected to encourage them to take the librarian’s path as their profession and career in the future.

Based on the agenda, the main material will be delivered by 3 staff of the ITS Central Library who have just finished attending Training Class at Nasional Library for 2 weeks, they are Iwan Juniarto, Taufiq Rachmanu, and Eko Sulistiono. The three speakers who are also the staff at the ITS Central Library who have been worked for more than ten years. They have just followed inpassing of technical management library and got the position for the level of “pustakawan terampil”.

The librarians meeting was started with a speech from the Head of the ITS Library, Edy Suprayitno, he said that the Inpassing Program was a program of the National Library for library managers even though they did not have educational background of the library would get recognition as librarians. This is a rare opportunity because after 30 years have passed, this time inpassing the National Library.

After the opening and remarks, continued with the main agenda. All Librarian Gathering participants seem concerned about every information that was presented by the speakers. Not only information, the three staff who have just completed Inpassing Training also gave motivation so that their tracks and stories could become a positive trigger for the participants who had been hesitant or were not even motivated to take part in the inpassing training.

After the sharing session, the event continued with the selection of the Chief of the ITS Librarian Group who would later be tasked with collecting and providing input related to the progress and competence of the librarian profession, and it was hoped that the elected of the Chief ITS librarian group would be able to fix problems in library professionalism. From this election, Agus Setiawan was chosen as the Chief.  Agus Setiawan is a Senior Librarian at ITS and had a lot of experience in the field of library and librarianship.

At the end of this event, all librarians meeting and gathering discussed related obstacles while being a library manager. From the discussion, they expressed their opinions and ideas as a solution. This agenda, always brings many benefits, besides friendship between librarians, they can also exchange information, experience, and knowledge. (yag, nrl / rei)

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