January 16, 2019 11:01

POLINEMA and ITS Library, Make Benchmarking as a Gathering Bridge

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In order to strengthen the relationship between managers of higher education libraries and also to share experiences in various aspects of the library. The Head of Malang State Polytechnic Library (Polinema) along with his staff benchmarked to the ITS Library. This activity is carried out in the context of sharing experiences related to the Implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education which is expected to provide information for mutual progress.
Edy Suprayitno, S.S., M. Hum as the Head of the ITS Library also welcomed the visit from Polinema. in a welcome speech to express our gratitude and pride in welcoming guests from Polinema on this occasion. Mr. Edy hopes that these activities can run smoothly and produce well as expected.
“Our hope from this visit is to provide information needed by Polinema regarding the development of the Library. Also from here, hopefully, there will be new ideas or innovations that we will find together “. Said Edy before closing his remarks.
The second speech was continued by the head of the Polinema Library, Drs. Rahbini, MT. He came with 3 staff namely Dewi, Lia, and Nizham from the processing and IT division. Mr. Rahbini expressed his gratitude to the ITS Library for his friendly and warm welcome.
After a series of remarks and exchanging information held at the Bibliotek Room, the event then continued with a library tour to find out firsthand how the conditions of the ITS Library, and what services and facilities can be found in the ITS Library.
“In my opinion, the ITS Library is good, the building is centralized, and the distribution of services or rooms is also very good. Facilities and services are also very varied, really accommodating the needs of the users, “said Mr. Rahbini. (nrl)

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