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Snack Me!

Snack Me !,a snack product based on brownies which is dried and cut into small pieces so that it can be consumed practically. SnackMe! Partnering with the mothers of cake villages in the area of ​​rungkut lor gang 2. Not only partnering in terms of snack production, SnackMe! Also provides a social impact in the form of providing training to village mothers on digital marketing.

With this effort we indirectly also do some parts of the SDG that will be realized in 2030, namely at points 8 and 17. Point 8 namely decent work and economic growth, we feel that with our efforts, people who are less empowered in the cake village will have a more decent job than before, namely unemployment, and we feel that with our efforts, the standard of living in the cake village will be lifted. Next is point 17 which is “Partnership to achieve goals”, according to what we planned at the beginning is we will make a partnership with mothers in the cake village as a means to achieve our goals, which is to get profit but accompanied by an increase in the standard of living of mothers -iu in the cake village area.

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