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SENDU or short for Senja Merindu is a company that engaged in the field of food and beverages sociopreneurs. In running the company, SENDU partners up with several Small and Medium Micro Businesses from ex Localization Dolly Surabaya. The purpose of SENDU is to help the SDGS problem in term of poverty and also to help improve Dolly’s community welfare. In order to achieve the purpose of SENDU, we teamed up with the Micro Businesses from ex Localization Dolly Surabaya to create ‘Kampung Kuliner Dolly’ in Kampung Putat Jaya, and also to give them some trainings on how to develop one’s business. Here are some products that we are aiming to sell through online or even offline, which are:

  1. Salted Egg Sauce in Jar
  2. Salted Egg Crackers
  3. Tempeh Crackers
  4. ‘Bawang Goreng’ with various flavours
  5. Arabian Tea

By creating SENDU, we hope to keep developing by creating new innovation of products, also to create the Dolly community to become a more creative community and also to raise the level of economy in ex Localization of Dolly Surabaya.