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Moriland or Moringa Island is a social-based business that engages in the field of food and beverage that uses the raw material of moringa leaves. Moringa plant is chosen because there are various nutrients contained in it that beneficial for health. Moriland has 3 products, namely Mori Tea, Mori Powder, and Mori Chocobar. Mori tea made from dried moringa leaves that mashed roughly, and this applies also to Mori powder. However, Mori powder can be used as a mixture of food or drink and as a facial mask. While the Mori Chocobar is made from a mixture of chocolate and extract moringa leaves.

The company was founded on 27 February 2020 which comprises 6 members of ITS Business Management Student batch 2018. By carrying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No. 1 is no poverty and No. 17 partnerships for the goals, Moriland aims to improve the economy and cooperate with women who lived in RT 2/RW 2 Dukuh Tengah, Buduran, Sidoarjo. Today, Moriland has partnered with two persons from Dukuh Tengah Village.

In the future, Moriland will partnered to open land as a place to cultivate moringa crops.


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Whatsapp: 08895376441420