Thumbnail is a business formed on February 6, 2020 to fulfill the social entrepreneurship course by six students of the ITS Surabaya Business Management Department class of 2018. Armed with the issue of increasing pollution of plastic waste in Indonesia to rank second in the world, initiating  to participate in answering the problem.  Based on the 15th SDG, namely life on land, creates an environmentally friendly food wrapper as an alternative to disposable plastic.  The product is made from patchwork pieces coated with food grade standardized honey beeswax.  This product functions as a food wrapper, such as cakes, snacks, vegetables, and fruits.  By using as a wrapper, the food will be fresher and last longer.  Different from other products, has ingredients that are safe for food, can be washed easily, and can be used repeatedly for more than 5 months.  At present, makes products in the form of a square measuring 20x20cm and 25x25cm.  In its first edition, presents La Linea series with blue stripes and black zig zag motifs.  While the second edition is titled Geometricho series which has geometric floral motifs in purple and yellow leaf geometric motifs. also plays a role in the 17th SDG namely Partnership For the Goals by empowering and increasing the productivity of single mothers in the Pondokjati Sidoarjo area that does not have permanent livelihoods.  In the end, has a vision to be the best zero waste effort by empowering the community so that it benefits consumers, employees, and the environment. also has a mission set out in the triple bottom line, namely people by increasing the creativity and well-being of single mothers, the planet by reducing the use of disposable plastics and reducing pollution of textile waste, and profits by benefiting from sales that are long-term sustainability and going  concern