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The student admission selection program of the Computer Engineering Department is managed in an integrated manner by the Student Administration and Welfare Bureau (BAPKM). For complete information, please visit this page.

The new student admission selection program for Bachelor Degree at ITS refers to the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Permenristekdikti) Regulation Number 2 of 2015, about New Student Admission for Bachelor Degree at State Universities, as amended by the Minister of Research Regulation, Technology , and Republic of Indonesia’s Higher Education Number 45 of 2015. The selection program is carried out through 3 selection paths, namely :     

  1. National Selection to Enter State Universities (SNMPTN)     
  2. Joint Selection to Enter State Universities (SBMPTN)     
  3. Achievement Selection
  4. Mandiri Selection: Partnership and Mandiri Program (PKM)

The capacity of new ITS Bachelor Degree students for each study program is accepted through SNMPTN 30% (thirty percent), through SBMPTN 40% (forty percent) and through self-selection 30% (thirty percent).

For information about the requirement and how to apply to ITS, please click here.

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