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The student admission selection program of the Computer Engineering Department is managed in an integrated manner by the Student Administration and Welfare Bureau (BAPKM). For complete information, please visit this page.

The Undergraduate Program offers academic education with a target of completing a minimum of 144 credits which is normatively achieved in 4 years. ITS opens New Student Admissions for Undergraduate Programs for registration from SMA/MA/SMK/equivalent graduates. Acceptance of New Students for Undergraduate Programs (Academic and Vocational) from 3 pathways, namely:
1. National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP);
2. National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT); and
3. Independent.

Acceptance of new students for the Undergraduate Program (Academic and Vocational) through the Independent pathway includes:

1. Independent Scholarship Selection;
2. General Independent Selection; and
3. Independent Selection of Partnerships.

In accepting new students through the independent route, ITS accepts prospective new students who have high academic achievements and potential or are economically disadvantaged or from frontier, outermost and disadvantaged areas through the Independent Scholarship Selection. ITS also accepts Appreciation Affirmation student candidates through General Independent Selection and Partnership Independent Selection. Affirmation of Appreciation is an affirmation given to prospective students from the sons and daughters of people who have contributed to ITS, the nation, or state while still paying attention to academic/non-academic achievements.

For information about the requirement and how to apply to ITS, please click here.

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