Rennes School of Business Exchange Program for Spring Semester 2024

Tue, 12 Sep 2023
9:40 am
Exchange for ITS Students
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Rennes School of Business, France would like to inform you that the registration for semester exchange application for Spring semester 2024 (Intake January-April 2024) is open.  The tuition fee for this program is waived. However the accepted students are responsible for their learning materials, dorms and living expenses in France including Roundtrip Flight Ticket, Visa& Travel Insurance. Students also need to check the entry regulations from France Government.

Please have a look at this video

You may check the courses list on this link

  • Undergraduate Exchange – level 3 (for 3rd year Bachelor’s students, check the courses here)
  • Undergraduate Exchange – level 4 (for 4th year Bachelor’s students, check the courses here)
  • Postgraduate Exchange – level 5 (for Master’s students, check the courses here)

Please note that students can only join ONE programme (choosing courses from different programmes is not possible).

Academic requirements
▪ Level 2 > 60 ECTS (1 year minimum) in Business studies
▪ Levels 3 & 4 > 120 ECTS (2 years minimum) in Business studies
▪ Level 5 > Level “L” minimum (BA, Licenciatura…) or 180 ECTS in Business studies (3 years minimum)

Minimum courses to be taken per semester (subject to slight changes)
▪ Level 2 > 5 core courses + 1 French Culture course
▪ Level 3 > 6 Business courses (3 compulsory courses + 1 full track)
▪ Level 4 > o Fall semester 1 pack among Compulsory Management modules + 1 Optional Management module minimum
▪ Level 5 > between 3 and 6 courses

You may check the factsheet here

Students can find many offers located near the campus on the platform They need to be enrolled at Rennes SB to get access from the accommodation team. We strongly encourage looking for and booking housing as soon as students receive their Acceptance Letters. Upon acceptance, students will be contacted by email by the Accommodation Team. Rennes School of Business has its own housing platform for all students looking for accommodation in Rennes: students will find offers near the campus from private landlords, residence halls and real estate agencies. They will receive information about how to use it once accepted. More information here.


Students can benefit from French Social Security for partial refund of medical fees. We strongly encourage all non-European students to subscribe to a private insurance for full coverage during their stay in France. European students must ask for an EHIC card (European Health Card) in their home country prior to their departure.

Non-European students must apply for a student visa (with VLS-TS reference) as soon as they receive their official acceptance letter from Rennes SB (it can take up to 3 months to get an appointment – check with the nearest Campus France Agency ). Visas must be valid at least 4 months if students come for one semester.

Welcome on arrival
The Well’Come association team welcomes international students and helps them integrate into the school and everyday life in Rennes. It also organises parties, sightseeing trips (Mont St Michel, Paris etc..) and sports events with French students.

Facilities on campus
4 buildings – International library – Career centre – Cafeteria – Bloomberg trading room – Language Lab – Studio digital factory – Computer rooms – Gym – Music room – Student club – Student unions – Coworking space

Cost of living in Rennes
Housing* 450€ – 700€
Food 150€ – 200€
Bus pass 25,20€ / month
Phone subscription 15€ – 20€ / month
Misc. (visa, CVEC, insurances…) 150€ – 300€ / year
*Foreign students with a visa “ETUDIANT” can apply for government housing allowance from the CAF (50€ – 160€)

Additional information :Campus France travel information

Here are the required documents that you need to prepare :

1. CV (maximum 2 pages)

2. One original applicant’s University Transcript. (English version). The GPA of applicants must higher than 3.0 (out of 4.0) (with stamp on it and signed by the Director of Education)

3. Photocopy of the applicant’s passport information page (Valid min one year prior to the start of the program)

4. One passport sized photo

5. Certificate of  English Proficiency Test TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS. Screenshot of UPT Bahasa English Proficiency Test result on Website, won’t be accepted.

6. Letter of Motivation

7. Two recommendation letter from an academic advisor

8.  Statement Letter (please download from here )

9. . Learning Agreement, There are two types of learning agreement and you must submit both :– Contrat-d-etude-mobilite-entrante_incomings_form_1_ in sending university section later will be filled by ITS Global Engagement

– Learning Agreement ITS version (please download from here   For this file must signed by applicants and advisor/Head of Dept.

10. ITS Students must consult with their parents for the financial aspects and permission to join this program in the middle of pandemic. please kindly provide the statement letter from your parents (in Bahasa) that your parents are support you (all financial & mental) to join this program. (No Format Required)

11. Certificate of GCW Non Degree (minimum C) or Result Test GCW Non Degree min 80 (S2 Applicants can replace it with R2SEP certificate)

The incomplete documents and over deadline applications will not be processed by Mobility Team. 

For ITS Students who interested to join this program please kindly submit your application through this form . All of your documents must be in PDF and collected in 1 (one) .zip/.rar file. If you have finished and submitted your Study Abroad Application form, YOU HAVE TO SEND email to confirming that you have filled out the Study Abroad Application Form and submit it. Please use this subject: “Confirmation Study Abroad Application_RSB_NAME_NRP”. The submission deadline is on 8 October 2023 ( 23.59 WIB). The Interview Session will be held on 9 October 2023.

If you have questions about this program, please send an email to Mr. Ade at with subject : ASK_RSB

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