Tamkang University Student Exchange Spring Semester 2023

Tue, 18 Oct 2022
8:55 am
Exchange for ITS Students
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Tamkang University Taiwan would like to inform you that the registration for semester exchange application for Spring Semester 2023 (February 13, 2023 to June 18, 2023) is open.  The tuition fee for this program is waived. However, the accepted students are responsible for their learning materials, dormitory and living expenses in Taiwan including Roundtrip Flight Ticket, visa fees, facility fee & Insurance. Students also need to check the entry regulations from Taiwan Government

Colleges Open for Exchange Students:

1. College of Liberal Arts
2. College of Science
3. College of Engineering
4. College of Business and Management
5. College of Foreign Language and Literatures
6. College of International Studies
7. College of Education
8. College of Artificial Innovative Intelligence
List of the Departments:
*Exchange students can take courses from different departments.
*Please note that the Department of Mass Communication only offers very limited spots.

Course Syllabus:

This program is open for ITS Students D4/S1  batch 2020 dan 2021 and S2 all batch

Please take note that ITS Students must take & transfer maximum credit opportunity  (S1)  and you are not allowed to re-take the courses

Course Spring 2023 will be updated at this link   (For a moment, you can refer spring  2022)

You may kindly check about accommodation, visa, and other at this link

Mandatory Health/Visa Insurance

1. Student Accident Insurance and TKU Exchange Student Medical Insurance (1) New Student must purchase Student Accident Insurance (185 NTD /semester). (2) Student who has not purchased overseas medical insurance in their home country will be required to buy TKU Exchange Student Medical Insurance (2,500 NTD/ 5 months).
2. National Health Insurance (NHI)
National Health Insurance is mandatory for students who stay for one academic year (two semesters) and have Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). The international students who have
stayed in Taiwan for six consecutive months, or exited Taiwan once for less than 30 days, must apply for NHI through the district office by themselves. The fee is $826 NTD/month.
*The fees of insurance are subject to change.

Here are the required documents that you need to prepare:

1. TKU Application Form for Exchange Students

2. Official academic transcript in English.

3. Learning Agreement and Statement Letter (Please download at this link

4. Scanned of Valid TOEFL/TEFL/EFL UPT Bahasa  (Score min. 477) Certificate. You may use TOEFL IBT min 61/IELTS min 6.0/Duo Linggo Certificate min 100 points. You can’t use Screenshoot score from web UPT Bahasa or TOEFL Prediction.

5. Copy of passport information page (Valid at least one year)

6. Resume

7. Three passport-size photographs (one is pasted on the application form 3,5×4,5 cm

(1) made in recent 6 months

(2) no hat is worn

(3) white background

(4) color photo without modification or being specially processed.

(5) On the back of the photo, please write down your name

8. Study plan (please include your major, explain academic goals for studying abroad and why you choose exchange program in Tamkang University.)

9. Financial Statement (at least 2,000 USD) with stamp or signature (You may submit it after pass ITS GE internal selection)

10. Certificate of GCW Non Degree (minimum C) or Result Test GCW Non Degree min 80 (please kindly note that this documents is required for this program, S2 applicants are not compulsory to submit those documents since the academic activities for postgraduate level is quite different) 

The incomplete application will not proceed by Mobility TeamITS Students must consult with your parents for the financial aspects and please kindly provide the statement letter from your parents (in Bahasa) that your parents are support you (all financial & mental) to join this program. You need to submit it during interview process

For ITS Students who are interested with this program please kindly send all of your documents (softcopy in PDF Format) to Mr. Ade at with subject : StudentExchange_TamkangUniv_Name__NRP maximum on 20 Oct 2022 (06.00 WIB). You will have interview session on 20 Oct 2022 around 18.00

If you have questions about this program, please send an email to Mr. Ade at with subject : ASK_StudentExchange_TamkangUniv


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