International Students Night: Garden Party

Sat, 24 Apr 2021
4:46 pm
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On 9 April 2021, all international students were invited to play together with their buddies in International Students Night (ISN), an event held by ITS Global Engagement (ITS GE). Decorated with green, yellow and flowers, the theme for this event is “Garden Party”. This event aims to build relationships between international students and volunteers. This time ISN was held virtually through Zoom Meeting due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. A total of 17 students from various countries ranging from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan participated in ISN. ISN took place from 06.30 – 07.40 PM WIB, started off by opening by MC, followed by Introduction, Games, and at last, Closing. In this event, both international students and volunteers were playing virtual games such as Closer and Storytelling. The first game: Closer! All volunteers and international students were divided into several breakout rooms consisting of 5 people. There will be 5 questions and each person has to know about the answer from the other person such as full name, nickname, country of origin, what’s something about you that people in the room don’t know about you, find out who’s the oldest and who’s the youngest from the breakout room, and find 1 thing that has the same common from each breakout room. 

After that, they played a little game called Never Have I Ever. Each person has to show their 5 fingers to the camera and then each person would throw some facts/statement, if you have done the fact, then lower 1 finger, if otherwise, then they do not need to lower it. The game ends when someone’s fingers are all lowered down, meaning the person loses and may get special punishment later.

Moving on to the second game in the main room: Story Telling! All the participants have to make a story following the genre given such as romance, action, horror, and fantasy. The characters must be the participants in the  Zoom Meeting and each person can only give 1 sentence. A special punishment will be given to the one who takes too long to think or tell a story that is irrelevant. The punishment session turned out to be the atmosphere maker of this event because there were a lot of hidden talents that emerged such as dancing until singing. 

Something special also happened in this event: ISN coincided with Mohd Ferdaus Bin Mohd Yuzid’s birthday, one of the international students from Malaysia. So, we celebrated it together. ISN was full of smiles, jokes, and laughter. Surely it will go down as one of the, if not the most memorable time for all of us. Thank you everyone for your engrossed participation!

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