R2SEP Spring 2021 for PJJ Students (Asynchronous)

Tue, 23 Mar 2021
11:51 am
Researcher and Research Student Enrichment Program (R2SEP)
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R2SEP is a research skills oriented program where ITS researchers and research students can learn from a series of guest lectures delivered by worldwide professors and experts. The program is a platform for students to exchange ideas, catch up with the world’s research trends in particular fields, and for overseas professors to share best practices. Aiming for better relevance to the audience and potential speakers, the 2021 R2SEP offers four (4) streams allowing speakers and participants to explore research best practice in Hard Engineering*, Soft Engineering**, Sciences, and Architecture, Design, & Social Sciences.

Started in 2021, R2SEP is compulsory* for ITS Masters and Doctoral students of March 2021 intake including the PJJ (Pendidikan Jarak Jauh) students (read: distant-learning). To cope with the different system of learning, PJJ students are allowed to join R2SEP asynchronously.


Joining R2SEP Asynchronously 

Requirements and Benefits

As ITS Master’s and Doctoral degree students, PJJ students are required to participate for at least 80% of the attendance (7 meetings). Upon the completion of the program, they are entitled certificate of attendance containing list of courses joined in the program.


Joining R2SEP Asynchronously

The access to the recording of R2SEP is unlimited, however, PJJ students are scheduled to join the class every Friday to Sunday biweekly, following the schedule of each stream. Check the schedule of R2SEP here.

On Thursdays, R2SEP event is held (biweekly for each stream). On Friday morning, the recording of the previous R2SEP (two streams) is uploaded. PJJ students can access and do independent learning every Friday afternoon/evening to Sunday. Note that attendance succeeding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week will not be counted.

Steps for Joining R2SEP Asynchronously

Here are the steps to join R2SEP Asynchronously:

  1. Visit the database of R2SEP recording.
  2. Pick the Theme.
  3. Pick you stream.
  4. Prepare your notes and watch the video.
  5. Report your activity on this link.
    1. Attendance for Hard Engineering and Science Streams.
    2. Attendance for Soft Engineering and Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Design, and Social Science.



If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Dr. Astria Nur Irfansyah (Email:

Ms. Nastiti (+6231-5923411)
Ms. Nabila (+6287859909080)

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