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Sun, 31 Jan 2021
7:19 pm
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Let’s Study Abroad (LSA) Special Online Programs is a sharing and consultation session from ITS students who have participated in online study abroad programs in both academic or non-academic fields and with ITS GE staff. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, almost all study abroad programs are conducted virtually. Therefore, Let’s Study Abroad (LSA) specifically discussed the online programs. This session was held on 23 January 2021 from 09.00 WIB until 12.00 WIB. The event was started with Kahoot games which discussed how much the participants know about study abroad programs. All participants joined the game with great enthusiasm. The event continued with an explanation about study abroad by Mr. Muh. Wahyu Islami PM, S.T. (CommTECH & Mobility Program Manager ITS Global Engagement).



The first session started with an explanation about the online short program which is delivered by Johanna Nuryadi, a student of the Mathematics department batch of 2018. She was a participant in UMAP COIL Joint Program 2020: SDGs 2030 at Kansai University, Japan. She explained her experience while joining the program and tips & tricks about how to apply for an online short program without going through ITS GE.



The event continued with the second session which discussed Student Forum Program. This session was delivered by Kresentia Ivena Krisanti, a student of the Architecture department batch of 2019. She was participating in the Virtual Social Business Students Forum (SBSF) 2020 at Daffodil International University (DIU), Bangladesh. In this session, she explained her experience in participating in social business student forums such as learn about other country’s culture and keynote speech sessions presented by Prof. Muhammad Yunus or also known as “Father of Social Business and Microcredit”. After the second session ended, there was a Question and Answer session to talk about the material from the first and second sessions. Several questions were asked by participants.


The third session was explained about the online internship program and delivered by Kirana Alif Fatika, a student of the Mechanical Engineering department batch of 2017. She was a participant of E-Internship at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) Thailand intake October – December 2020. She explained her experience in E-Internship at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand. She explains the preparation before the internship and shares the benefits of the internship. 



The fourth session was delivered by Ali Sulthan Abrar, a student of Business Management batch 2017. He was participating in Virtual Student Exchange Program Fall Semester 2020 at Asia University, Taiwan. He was explained about online student exchange and also what can he got by joining this program. The event continued with a Question and Answer session that talked about the third and the fourth session. In this session, the participants seemed very excited by asking several questions to the speaker.



In the last session in this event, the meeting room was divided into several rooms that in each room the participants may ask questions about anything that they haven’t understand about study abroad. In this session, there are 3 rooms which consisted of room 1 for the non-academic program (online short program and student forum), room 2 for the academic program (online internship and online student exchange), and room 3 for Stamp4It & Workshop that held by ITS GE. Finally, after the last session, we have an awarding presentation for each speaker followed by a group photo session and closing by Master of Ceremony.


You can watch the entire sessions from Let’s Study Abroad Special Online Programs right here:


From Let’s Study Abroad (LSA), it can be seen that ITS students are very interested in joining the study abroad program based on the questions that they’ve asked. Hopefully, there will be more ITS students that try to participate in internationalization and seek lots of experiences out there.

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