News Report: Global Project Based Learning (GPBL) Mathematics 2020

Mon, 14 Dec 2020
10:27 pm
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ITS Global Engagement (GE) proudly presents another short program that is collaboratively initiated by ITS Surabaya and Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan. The short program is named Global Project Based Learning (GPBL), with the theme of “Mathematical challenges towards disease outbreaks: Analysis and prediction of COVID-19 pandemics using mathematical models and big data analytics”. Unlike last year, the short program was held virtually.

This program was held every Saturday, 7, 14, 21, and 28 November 2020. There are 30 students of ITS and 14 students of SIT. All of them attended the program enthusiastically. They discussed their project in a breakout room of the Zoom application and also got to know each other through the process. Throughout the entire program, their performance was assessed by the professors of SIT and ITS. The professors of ITS are Prof. Subchan, Prof. Iqbal and Prof. Sena, while the four professors from SIT are Prof. Fukuda, Prof. Nakatsu, Prof. Zhai and Prof. Ishiwata. ITS and SIT students are mixed and divided into 7 groups, then initiated their projects. Each project has its own unique and interesting topic. The project’s titles are as follows,

  • Group 1: Analyzing and Forecasting COVID-19 Pandemic in The Japan Using SIR-Model, Exponential Smoothing and Neural Network
  • Group 2: Prediction for COVID-19’s Impact on Baseline Airport Traffic Using Machine Learning
  • Group 3: COVID-19 Detection from Lung’s X-ray Images Using CNN
  • Group 4: Modelling Effective Reproduction Number Using Morkov Chain : A Tool to Analyze COVID-19 Transmission in Indonesia
  • Group 5: COVID-19 Outbreak Prediction Using Logistic Growth Model for Tokyo Olympic Preparation
  • Group 6: Analysis Spreading COVID-19 in Japan Using Stochastic Differential Evolution’s Method
  • Group 7: Predict The Next Wave of COVID-19 by Using SEIR Model

This program was also enlivened by some cultural exchanges that are delivered by the volunteers of ITS GE. In the first week, ITS GE invited SIT to explore our campus virtually through Campus Tour with fun mini games for SIT students. Continuing to the second week, we introduced Batik Lilin to SIT students including a session of Kahoot mini game. And then, for the third week was quite different because we asked all of the participants to try one of Indonesia’s traditional dances, which is Tor-Tor dance.

Finally, in the last week we introduced Indonesian Culture and Diversity. In the end, we would like to congratulate the awarding for groups and individual for their amazing achievements:

  • Best Presentation: Group 6 (Aulia Safitri Soetam Putri, Ikumi Matsuo, Julinar, Muhammad Cendikia Airlangga, Ni Wayan Aristya Dewi, Putri Nurdianti, Shumpei Kojima)
  • Best Analyst Group: Group 3 (Dea Kirana, Hayato Kinoshita, Hinari Shimada, Lukas Purba Wisesa, Margaretha Gracia Hotmatua Silalahi, Mitha Aurellita Wulandari)
  • Best Participant from ITS: Lukas Purba Wisesa
  • Best Participant from SIT: Teru Suzuki
  • Most Active Participant from ITS: Aida Fatimah
  • Most Active Participant from SIT: Hinari Shimada


The recap of the entire short program in a form of aftermovie video that can also be accessed through this link:


Thank you to all the participants in the group project and mini games. A memorable moment when SIT students learn how to dance tor-tor. Glad to have all participants enjoy the event. May the event be beneficial for all the participants, committees, and professors. Hopefully this event can be held again with different themes and excitement in the near future.

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