Japan Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for Applicants Residing Abroad (Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral)

Mon, 14 Sep 2020
10:06 am
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The Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholarship Foundation supports international students in achieving high academic achievements, and also at the same time teaches the spirit of Rotary through exchanges with counselors and sewa clubs. The purpose of this is to deepen mutual international understanding and develop bonds to grow into a bridge between the student’s mother country and Japan.
The scholarship qualifications therefore require enthusiasm and excellence in academic work, cross cultural understanding, and communication skills.

Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholars are expected to learn the culture and customs of Japan, foster the mind of social contribution and participation, and mature into a member of society who can contribute to the Rotary’s ideal world, creating and maintaining world peace.


  • Monthly Stipend
    • Undergraduates: 100,000 yen per month
    • Master’s students: 140,000 yen per month
    • Doctoral students: 140,000 yen per month
  • Supplemental for Airfare:
    Actual expenses to arrive to Japan up to 250,000 yen is reimbursed at orientation, after arrival in Japan. Successful applicants must submit all relevant receipts. Only the economy class fee is covered.


  • Applicants are expected to have Japanese language proficiency: to understand basic Japanese: JLPT N4 level.
  • Applicants have to find out and apply for Japanese universities / graduate schools by themselves before applying for this scholarship. Those who enroll in undergraduates are requested to submit a copy of the application for admission for the university / graduated school. Those who enroll in graduate schools are requested to submit a recommendation letter from a supervisor / professor of the applicants’ targeted graduate school.

Application deadline: December 2020 for both Spring and Fall 2021 intake

For further information, please visit the website here.

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