The 1st Global Learning Program (GLP) 2020

Tue, 30 Jun 2020
10:36 pm
Global Learning Program (GLP) Events

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Global Learning Program (GLP) 2020 for IUP Student is the newly launched learning program by ITS Global Engagement. This program is intended for ITS students, especially International Undergraduate Program (IUP) students who took the course by the time of their study period. This course was delivered by the professor and the expert from all over the world to provide students international learning environment. The course is also expected to develop students’ english skills.

On Wednesday, 12 February 2020 at 09.00 WIB, ITS Global Engagement held the first course “Global Learning Program (GLP) 2020 for IUP Students Taking Chemistry Course” with “The Fundamental of Chemistry Principle” as the theme. Professor Liu Jhy-Chern from Taiwan Tech (NTUST) was invited to be the speaker on this first GLP. This course took place in Sinarmas Auditory of Systems and Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering, ITS Surabaya.

During this opportunity, Professor Liu got to speak to 136 students with 67 IUP students and 69 ITS regular students. Professor Liu gave so much information about e-waste and rare metal recovery and how it practices in Taiwan. The students seem enthusiastic for the course, seen from how they actively discussed and asked various questions to Professor Liu.

Through this course, we hope that the experience they got will helped the students develop their competencies in English so that ITS will be able to provide international learning environment to every course in the future and bring ITS closer to World Class University.

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