Budcast Episode 4: LET ME QUIZ YOU! ft. SDG 15

Wed, 19 Aug 2020
2:53 pm
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Budcast was back again with even more fun and interesting episode. This time, Budcast invited Meng, a Kemitraan Negara Berkembang scholarship recipient from Cambodia together with her buddy, Sandra, as well as Paul, an exchange student from Germany. In this fourth episode of Budcast: The Buddy Podcast series, Meng, Sandra, Paul, and OK discussed fascinating facts about the lives on land. There were also a couple of perspectives about the effect the pandemic has on zoo animals, this made them empathize the animals’ terrible condition. But different from any other ordinary discussions, this episode adopted Kahoot as a medium. Get ready, because some facts might shock you!

Thank you to Budcast’s dear friends, Meng, Sandra, and Paul, for having an enjoyable time in this episode. We hope what they have shared will broaden our audience’s knowledge and awareness about the lives on land.

Excited to see what Budcast has in store in Episode 4? Check it out on ITS Global Engagement’s Youtube channel and Instagram TV for the whole episode.
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Lastly, Budcast hopes that Episode 4, entitled “LET ME QUIZ YOU! ft. SDG 15”, can broaden people’s knowledge and raise public awareness on the concerning conditions of some zoo animals. Gain more insights together with us to help implement SDG 15, Life on Land!

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