Job Training and Internship


Intership is one of the courses with a weight of 5 (five) credits that must be taken by Interior Design’s students before the student undertakes the final project. This course is a process that allows students to feel the work of Interior Design in the real field, later it will become an experience that provides students after graduating and working in the world of work.

Therefore, the Department of Interior Design requires students at the end of 6th semester and pass the Interior Design and Culture course, to take part in the internship. Internship is carried out for 30-50 working days in companies that have a minimum work portfolio of 5 years and have good credibility.


  1. Students can get the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in lectures to be applied in employment.
  2. Students can get to know the actual implementation and design process.
  3. Students can compare between theories that are done on campus with work practices in the field.
  4. Students can deepen their insight into professional interdisciplinary work systems.
  5. Students can gain knowledge and insight and experience in interior design work in the community.
  6. Whereas for professional workplace companies, students can help work / projects. Analysis in this paper can be useful and useful for evaluating company work.


  1. Providing an overview of the real world of work to students as a provision for later.
  2. To add knowledge, skills, and understanding that are not obtained directly in lectures.
  3. Obtain direct experience, observation and visual recognition of the conditions in the field.
  4. As a training tool in preparing reports for assignments.
  5. To prepare skilled and ready-to-use workers in the community and entrepreneurs in the field of interior design.


  1. Students are at least 6 (six) semesters;
  2. Students pass the Interior and Cultural Design Courses;
  3. The intenship place is carried out in a company that has a work portfolio of at least 5 years and has good credibility;
  4. The internship is carried out by 2 students per group in the same internship place with clear task arrangements;
  5. The internship is recommended to be carried out on the end of semester holidays.
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