Chairman : I Gusti Ayu Agung Apshari Puspaningrum (08411740000008 – Department of Interior Design)

Community that accommodates the interests and talents of students of the Interior Design Department to add and share knowledge that focuses on the formation of characters or objects that have a 3d shape in digital form to produce a product called 3D Modeling and Rendering.

Instagram: @vertex.interior

Student Work

Titik Hilang

Chairman : Ramadhani Rijal Isnanda (08411740000004 – Department of Interior Design)

A community that focuses on the field of sketching that aims to encourage interest and sharpens the sketch talent of each member of the Titik Hilang.


Instagram: @titik.hilang

Student Work


Chairman: Novita Nur Jayanti (08411740000011 – Department of Interior Design)

The mock-up community of the Interior Design Department of FADP ITS which serves as a place to gather and share experiences for students and students who are interested in interior models, architecture, site plans, and modeling.

Instagram: @cilikane.project

Student Work

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