Greeting From Head Of Departmen

Dr. Ir. Totok Soehartanto, DEA

Welcome to Instrumentation Engineering page. I am Dr. Ir. Totok Soehartanto, DEA, as a head of department, proudly introducing Instrumentation Engineering to you. Instrumentation Engineering is an department in Vocational Faculty, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

In Instrumentation engineering, you will study about sciences related to physics and engineering, because this department was established from Physics Engineering department. One thing that distinguishes between the two, is about the graduates’ competencies. Instrumentation engineering department aims to prepare graduates to pursue careers in the industrial world as engineer with high competency and skill. Therefore, our curriculum is designed more practices than theory in the classroom.

we are committed to provide highly competent graduates in engineering science and applied technology. To realize its goal, we have professional lecturers and staffs in instrumentation field. Furthermore, Instrumentation Engineering students have so many achievements in national and international competitions. All information about instrumentation engineering will be explained in the pages on this website.

We are happy to welcome you in our campus.


Your sincerely,

Dr. Ir. Totok Soehartanto, DEA