Seminar Seninan 10 Oktober 2022 : Polarimetric Syntetic Aperture Radar and Application

Wed, 05 Oct 2022
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Polarimetric Syntetic Aperture Radar and Application

Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo

Professor in Center for Environmental Remote Sensing

Chiba University, Japan



Synthetic aperture radars (SARs) are well-known as multipurpose sensors that can operate in all
weather and in the daytime and nighttime (Cumming and Wong, 2005; Soumekh, 1999; Maitre,
2008). Various linear polarized SARs were developed for satellite, airborne, and unmanned aerial
vehicles for some applications (Gustavsson et al., 1993; Reigber et al., 2013; Edrich and Weiss,
2008; Essen et al., 2012; Rosen et al., 2007). Compact polarimetric SAR (CP SAR) offers a better
option for many polarimetric SAR applications by considering the need for a compromise among
swath coverage, hardware requirements, and scattering information of measured scenes (SAR,
2019). CP SAR is a technique that allows the construction of pseudoquadrature polarization (QP)
information from dual polarization (DP) SAR systems, in which the CP has the promise of being able to reduce the complexity, cost, mass, and data rate of an SAR system while attempting to maintain
many capabilities of a fully polarimetric (FP) or QP system (Nord et al., 2009).

As a special DP configuration, CP SAR transmits signals in a special polarization, such as 45-degree linear polarization (LP) or circular polarization and receives echoes simultaneously in a two
orthogonal polarization such as horizontal polarization and vertical polarizations or right-handed
circular polarization (RHCP) and left-handed circular polarization (LHCP). Such systems can
provide a greater amount of information on polarization than standard DP linear systems while
covering twice the swath width of conventional QP systems and maintaining the benefits (eg, large ranges of feasible incidence angles)


Topic: Seminar Seninan Departemen Fisika, 12 September 2022

Polarimetric Syntetic Aperture Radar and Application

(diselenggarakan secara Hybrid)

Time: 10 October 2022 13:10 WIB

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Offline Location: Teater B ITS


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