Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All 3 study programs in Department of Physics have been accredited by BAN-PT, our national higher-education institution accreditation firm. Our Undergraduate, Master,and Doctoral Program have accomplished the accreditation and managed to achieved A (excellent – first grade).

Our Undergraduate Program has also being assessed by AUN-QA, an consortium (ASEAN-level) in assessing the quality of high-education institution throughout Southeast Asia. It means that our Undergraduate Program is recognized as equal with other high-education institution throughout Southeast Asia.

To maintain the quality and accreditation level, ITS, through its Quality Assurance Office has established annual internal audit and quality assurance for all study programs in ITS.

In 2018, our Undergraduate Program has also managed to rank no 1 in this Internal Quality Assessment.



There are some legal basis and guidance in ITS Annual Audit and Quality Assurance.

  • Undergraduate Program



  • Master Program



  • Doctoral Program
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